Blue Jean Baby

Livestream concert

29 April 2021 - 8 PM


Heart for Talent

We’re proud to present you our new non-profit organization « Heart for Talent », born in March 2021.

Heart for Talent is powered by MetiSelect, an organization committed to impact the job market by revolutionizing recruitment, talent management and defining company needs.

« Heart for Talent » is spearheaded by passionate people who believe impact equals meaning, engagement and energy. By establishing this organization we want to add a new dimension to our business. Our goal is to assist organizations willing to improve the social aspects of worklife financially and logistically.

For the benefit of OTL in Herent

Each year we wish to support one or more other non-profit organizations by fundraising, networking and merchandising, because these social and selfless organizations deserve our greatest support.
Together with the Belgian music band Blue Jean Baby we’re organizing our first benefit concert for OTL in Herent.

OTL development centre founded in 2004 in light of a bycicle accident. The search for the right support regarding physical revalidation for her son inspired entrepreneur Annemie Shueremans to start Open Therapeuticum Leuven (OTL). Young people and adults facing brain injury as a result of trafic accidents can find the right support and empowerement in their rehabilitation towards society. In this spirit OTL opened its first group practice in 2006. In 2013 it opened the “open bakery” which offers a first work experience to members of the OTL.

Together with your contributions OTL can continue and expand its services and talents for all its members.


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